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Get smartest, most effective ads each and every time. We’re at your service with a dedicated easy monetisation always on hand to assist with easy to understand and work on monetization strategies.

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Premium ad partners

Direct inventory with the world’s top Advertisers bring you privileged access to limited release, high performance ad campaigns.

Exceptional results

Instantly connect with best-fit premium ad partners in the Direct Deals Marketplace. Our partner matching technology matches relevant inventory and ad messages, delivering optimized campaign performance for your Platform and the advertiser.

Effective Platform ad formats

Maximize your Brand monetization potential with the industry’s hardest-working ad solutions including:
  • Rewarded Video Ads
  • Interstitials
  • Native Ads

Video Ads

Video ads for Direct Deals and Rewarded Video.

An immersive experience that promotes strong user engagement.Video Ads


Highly targeted, full-screen ads that are easily actioned by users.

Best placed at start of app or in-between levels. Great returns.

Native Ads

High Engagement native ad units that are seamlessly interlaced onto the platform layout for a non-intrusive ad experience.

Increase your returns while upholding an ideal user experience.

Maximize your revenue!


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