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Choose from our various platform or utilize our Fully-Managed user-acquisition services.

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Whether launching your new platform/app or growing your user base, our expansive network of 15,000+ premium Branding Solution across country, delivers unlimited access to massive volume and quality users.

Direct Engagement

Access top engaging platforms like You tube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more top engaging platform.

Advanced demographic, geographic and contextual targeting technology lets you reach your audience with precision.

Choose from a range of campaign like:-
You tube : Views, Likes, Subscribes.
Facebook : Share, Like, Post.
Instagram : Followers, Post.
Twitter : Followers, Tweets.

Proven Marketing Campaign Formats

Beautiful, Expertly Delivered Events To Convert Audiences.

Choose From Facebook Promotion , Youtube Video Promotion And Native Ad Formats To Engage And Convert Your Most Desired Audiences.

Targeted Ad Placement Ensures Users Have A Relevant Platform Experience And Respond To Your Ads In A Meaningful Way.

Exceptional results

clickmudra advertiser partners achieve exceptional quality campaign performance, exceeding industry benchmarks:
  • Stronger Lifetime Values (LTVs)
  • Higher Retention Rates
  • More Predictable, Consistent RO

Real-time Protection

Anti-Fraud Technology

Proprietary anti-fraud algorithms detect traffic abnormalities and suspicious events 24/7

Immediate Defense

Over 15 fraud types monitored with purpose-built quality management and automatic abatement systems

In House Expertise

Deep-dive source analysis to ensure the highest levels of protection for your campaigns

Let’s work together

Standard Account

Our Engagement Platform Provides You With A Comprehensive Advertising Services So You Stay In Control Throughout Your Entire Campaign. Our Self-Serve, Real Time Engagement, Social Media And Web Advertising Platform Gives Advertisers Full Control To Target And Allocate Spend.

Fully-Managed Service

Our Fully-Managed Solution Provides Advertisers To Premium Audiences And Inventory Where Our Advertsing Team Support Their Campaign Accordingly . With Fully Managed Service And Dedicated Account Support, Our Team Of Campaign Optimization Experts Are On Call To Ensure Your Success. Ideal For Networks, Brands, Agencies, And Major App Developers. With Our Managed Solution, You Can Leave The Planning To Us.

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