About Us

About Us



Our History

We are the foremost organisation with vast experience of system development and business management with clientele in more than 23 countries world wide to offer and distribute earning in all possible respect varying from any kind of shopping done from any source online or offline wth choice of your vendor.

Our Passion

To. Create something which is relevant to everyone from their daily life in terms of generating revenue and ease of doing business for them i.e. any product purchase or doing business relevant transactions.
We are offering more than 20 different product and services categories to choose and get paid.

You do anything .. You buy anything.. We pay you for everything..

This is our system policy..
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What We Offer

  • First and foremost networking based e commerce system
  • Immense range of products and service to choose from
  • Do purchase anything from anywhere and get paid from us
  • You get paid for enrolling everyone and anyone
  • You get paid for anyone who buys anything in your circle

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